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Black Mountains Cycleworks - Bike Repair & Maintenance

If you live in the Abergavenny area, consider using me for your servicing needs.

I typically include more within our servicing costs than with other bike shops in the area, return your bike quicker and offer a FREE Collection & Delivery Service.

I fully assess and quote for every bike prior to commencing any works to ensure there are no surprises.

I don't have a shop, but instead run a workshop from our spacious property, nestled in the Black Mountains, just North of Abergavenny. Visit by appointment only to this precise location:

 ///defenders.sinkhole.noises (NP7 7NA)

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Complete Service Options

Bronze Service - £45

A basic tune up that's required multiple times per year. It's like checking your car's tyre pressures and oil levels. Keep it running well and it'll last you longer and cost less when major service time comes.


  • Gear Tune Up
  • Brake Tune Up
  • Inflate Tyres
  • Safety Check all Bolts
  • Lubricate Chain (unless already sufficiently lubed)
  • Fitting of any standard service parts supplied by me
  • Basic on-bike wheel true


  • In-depth Wheel True
  • Headset or Bottom Bracket Servicing
  • Brake Bleeding
  • Major Component Installation
  • Any Cleaning
  • Collection/Delivery (+£15 within most of NP7)

Silver Service - £70

The most popular service and what a regularly used bike requires at least once per year. This service includes everything the Bronze service includes plus the following...


  • Degrease and clean of chain, cassette and chainrings
  • General wash
  • Relubrication with high-quality Smoove Lube Chain Wax
  • Out-of-bike wheel true (specialist wheel straightening jig)
  • Hubs checked for wear and adjusted if required
  • Brake adjustment and hydraulic fluid topped up if required. +£5 per brake for full bleed if fluids dirty/required
  • Gear adjustment, including hanger alignment
  • Headset clean and regrease
  • Fitting of any parts supplied by us
  • Collection/Delivery in the NP7 + Crickhowell area (excludes the most Easterly reaches of NP7)
  • Turnaround usually within a few days


  • Bottom Bracket service (+£15)
  • Tubeless sealant refill (+£5 per tyre)
  • Fitting of any major parts not purchased through us (excluding things like brake pads, chain/cassette etc)
  • Hub servicing beyond minor adjustments
  • Suspension or dropper seatpost servicing

Gold Service - £110

If your bike has suffered neglect, a Gold service dives deeper into your bike and tackles some of the harder to reach areas. This service includes everything the Silver service includes but with these additions...


  • Full bike wash and cleanse
  • Hub servicing (excl. parts and some additional labour cost when removing hard-to-access bearings) including axle and freehub removal, bearing clean and grease
  • Full brake flush and bleed or brake cable inners
  • Gear cable inner replacement
  • Dropper post cable inner replacement or Reverb lever bleed (dropper post service extra)
  • Bottom bracket removal, clean and reinstallation
  • Tubeless sealant top up (latex based sealants only)
  • Fitting of any parts supplied by us or otherwise
  • Collection/return within NP7


  • Parts except cable inners
  • Hub services ARE included in the service, however extra labour charges may exist when extracting bearings from freehubs and hard-to-access hub shells

Platinum Service - £150

An avid cyclist who rides every week in any weather should consider this service annually to get the best out of their bike. This service includes everything the Gold service includes with these additional items...


  • Entire strip down of bike (except removal of internally routed headset or frame cables which may be charged as extra depending on speed of replacement. Also applies to Di2 internal routing and frame bearings) to frame before cleaning of all components and rebuilding with new cable inners and outers (except where handlebar tape is not to be replaced or where headset-routed internal cables are concerned)
  • Full strip down and rebuild of hubs (+parts)
  • Emptying, cleaning out and refilling tubeless tyre sealant
  • Collection/Delivery within NP7


  • Pivot bearing removal/replacement on suspension bikes (+£60-100 plus parts)
  • Suspension Servicing (available as bolt-on extras)

Master MTB - £325

This is the big daddy! When your MTB has given you everything it has and needs a full strip down and rebuild. This service includes everything the Platinum service includes but with these high-labour additions...


  • Suspension Pivot bearing replacement (+parts)(-£40 on simple suspension bikes such as Orange)
  • Fork Lower Leg Service (includes wiper & dust seals and 3wt oil)
  • Air can service
  • Dropper post service (+parts)

This is just a sample. Contact me for specific requests for a quote.

Other Types of Servicing

Black Mountains Cycleworks Abergavenny Bike Shop

Hourly Rate

I charge £50 per hour for piecemeal work, such as gears, brakes, headset, wheel truing etc.

Please contact me in advance for estimates.

Guide Estimates:
Gear adjustment £20-25
Brake bleeding £15-20 per brake
Bottom Bracket Swap £20

Frame/Pivot Bearings

The time involved in this job varies hugely from bike-to-bike. It can be simple and relatively quick (like an Orange) or it could be a multi-pivot design with lots of linkages and bearings (Whyte).

That's why this is charged by time, rather than the overall job.

Labour £60-80 typical.
Bearings £40-95 typical.

Please contact me for a more accurate quote.

Suspension Servicing

I offer Fork and Shock Servicing as well as dropper post servicing.

Forks typically cost £120 for a full service including cartridge seals and oils. Or £80 for a lower-leg service with all seals.

Shocks typically cost £95 for a full service or as little as £55 for an air can service when performed at the same time as your fork.

Dropper posts vary in price greatly depending on make/model. Contact for price.


I do replace bottom bracket bearings inside motors and fix creaking from motors.

I do not offer firmware updates or electronic diagnostics.

Aside from this, ebikes are just bikes in every other way.

Let's get you Booked in.

I prefer communication via WhatsApp in order to document our conversation. However you can contact me in any of these ways.

Phone/WhatsApp: 07946356439 (or click the icon at the bottom right of this screen)
Social Media: @blackmountainscycleworks
Locate us on Google Maps: Verndale, Cwm Road, Abergavenny, NP7 7NA - Navigate by postcode ONLY. Then we are the ONLY property on the SOUTH side of the road.
Locate us precisely using What3Words: /beauty.lion.bunk

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